The dangers of DIY HRT

The dangers of DIY HRT

After my last post I feel it’s a good idea to go over the dangers of doing DIY HRT. I’m sure most people are aware, but it’s one of the things that can’t be overstated. If you’re thinking about DIY then it pays to be aware.

The biggest risk is the product. Without proper certification you have no way of knowing what standards the product is made to, if the ingredients are pure, or if it’s safe to use at all. While they may be as good as licensed pharmaceutical companies you can’t be sure of this and they have no accountability for the product made. Despite what doctors here in New Zealand think, even compounding pharmacies have oversight.

If you have access to a commercial lab you can validate the products, and some people do this, but it’s an expensive option.

Secondly, if you’re taking medication without oversight from a medical professional they may unknowingly prescribe something with a bad interaction. This is unlikely with hormones but it’s definitely a risk.

And finally, it’s illegal, at least here in New Zealand. Possession of prescription medicines without a valid reason (eg a prescription for yourself or your dependant) is an offence, though I’ve never heard of anybody prosecuted for non-controlled substances. Same goes with importing them, though again if it’s not a controlled drug and it’s your first time it probably won’t be severe.

Of course if I do decide to get my own HRT I won’t write about it or where I get it from


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